June 7, 2021

Tailwind Communities

*disclaimer* there has been talk recently that tailwind communities may be a bit outdated; however, they have always worked wonders for me and my clients so I still feel like it’s important to explain what they are to people that may benefit from using them and don’t know how to.

You probably hear Pinterest Managers talk about Tailwind Communities ALL the time, but do you really even know what they are?

If not, here’s your explanation.

Tailwind Communities are like group boards! They are groups of people on Tailwind within your niche that are incentivized to share your posts because for each post you submit, you typically have to re-share at least one post from someone else!

This means that if people want their posts to be shared, they have to share other users content!

This is a great way for you to get your content in front of the eyes of other pinners that might not be following you. You get to advertise other community member’s audiences as well as your own!

How do they work?

In order to use Tailwind communities, you have to have a tailwind account! You can sign up for a free trial to see how you like it; however, I recommend doing the monthly $14.99 plan so that you can buy power ups as needed!

Once you buy the $14.99 a month plan, you can submit 30 of your pins to Tailwind communities; however, if you decide that you want more submissions you can add power ups.

What are power ups?

Power ups give you the ability to submit MORE pins to communities! This means that you have that many more chances for your content to be shared and seen! There are three different power up levels and for each you also get to join more communities. The first power up level offers 80 more submissions per month & 10 communities. The second power up offers 200 submissions and unlimited communities. The third power up offers unlimited submissions and unlimited communities!

I typically stick with the 200 submission power up for my clients because this tends to be plenty for the month. Also, with great power comes great responsibility: remember, for every submission you make to a community, you have to share a fellow community member’s content as well! If you don’t, you may get kicked out!

Tailwind can be a bit complicated—if you don’t feel like learning a new program, I can manage your Tailwind & Pinterest for you! Click here to fill out a client app & click here to follow me on Instagram for daily tips and tricks!

May 28, 2021

You can do a lot but you can’t do it all

Girlie, I see you trying to work every facet of your business on your own and I can feel the burn out coming FOR you. No one can run a whole ass successful business alone. You have to ask for help every once in a while and THAT’S OKAY!

I learned this the hard way. I am a headstrong, stubborn, uber-independant DOUBLE Aquarius and the things I hate most in this world are 1. Asking for help and 2. Surrendering control.

I started my business back in September of 2020 and at first, doing everything myself was a breeze. I only had one or two clients a month, I had a ton of time to educate myself, come up with stellar content, do engagement, build my own website, manage my own finances, write my own copy, do my own marketing, etc etc etc. However, at a certain point, more inquiries started coming in. My business started growing & by February, I was drowning.

I couldn’t keep up with my own business anymore. I was working 30 hours a week corporate, 30 hours a week split between 7 clients and my business was majorly suffering. I didn’t’t have time for engagement or outreach anymore, I couldn’t manage my own Pinterest, and I struggled to make time for content creation. So, I did what I never thought I would do & I hired help.

In February I hired a Virtual Assistant to do engagement for me and in March I hired a copywriter. It was such a relief. Such a weight off of my shoulders. I didn’t have to worry about engagement or copy anymore and I started to feel more in control again.

So, if you’re feeling burnt out or like you just don’t have time to do everything on your own anymore, if your business is growing at a rate that you can’t sustain alone, this is your sign to outsource.

Lucky for you, you’re in the right place. I am an Instagram and Pinterest manager! I offer full Instagram management services—content creation, planning, caption writing, and hashtag research. I also offer full Pinterest management—Blog writing, post scheduling, content creation, e-mail marketing and analytics reports. So, if you just don’t have time to market your business anymore, fill out a client application and let me take something off of your plate.

May 28, 2021

The topic of the century! Do I need to have a blog for my small business? Do I need to have a blog to market myself on Pinterest? Short answer, it will definitely help. In this blog I will cover all of the benefits of having a blog & why YOU should be blogging in your small business.

Blogging gives you an additional opportunity to optimize your website with SEO

Having a dedicated blog makes it that much easier for you to incorporate more keywords onto your website. This is an amazing benefit of blogging because it increases your chances of ranking higher on google & other search platforms. The main goal of having a website is ranking on google, being searchable, and giving people a place to come back to and learn more about your business. So, why not increase the likelihood of being found by writing a keyword optimized blog post every once in a while?

Blogging makes your Pinterest marketing more successful

If you’re marketing your business on Pinterest, you probably already know that Pinterest values fresh content more than anything else. This means that if you’re linking all of your pins to the same home page or about page on your website over and over again, eventually, you’re going to begin ranking lower and lower on Pinterest search results. In order to be successful on Pinterest, you need to be creating fresh graphics, key word rich 500 character descriptions, and links each week.

It makes creating Instagram posts a piece of cake

Blogging makes creating Instagram posts a piece of cake & vice versa. I encourage all clients to re-purpose either blog content for Instagram or Instagram content for blogging—whichever comes first. If you are already doing one thing, it is THAT much easier to begin doing their other because you can LITERALLY just repurpose the content for the new platform. In fact, if you want to see an example of this, you can cross reference this blog post with my Instagram, where it initially lived.

Want daily Instagram tips & tricks or daily Pinterest tips & tricks? Follow me on my instagram! Want someone to manage your blog, Pinterest or Instagram for you? Fill out a client application & let’s work together!

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