Virtual Assistant Services, Pinterest Strategy, and Instagram Strategy tailored to your business to make your life easier.

Take a look at all of my packages below to see what will work best for you and your business. Pick one or pick them all. get ready to breathe a sigh of relief once you realize what it's like to put your marketing & business tasks in the hands of an expert! Remember: You don't have to do this all by yourself!

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Pinterest Management

From $700 per Month - $1200 per month (3 Month Minimum)

for the small business owner that wants to expand their marketing strategy & drive additional traffic to their website

If you're a small business owner looking to market on more than just one platform, Pinterest is the best place to start especially if you already have an Instagram or a blog. 

It is so important to have a solid, diverse marketing strategy if you want to continue to stay relevant and generate warm leads. If you're just marketing on one platform, like Instagram or Facebook, you're missing out on hundreds--no, thousands of potential leads from other platforms like Pinterest & Tik Tok. 

Why Pinterest? Because Pinterest is the second largest search engine right next to GOOGLE. Yes, you heard that right! Pinterest isn't a social media platform. It's a search engine. So, with the right strategy and keywords, you can appear at the top of every relevant search result & even begin ranking on Google. Your services, products, sales pages, affiliate links, and blog posts will all be visible to thousands of people that may not be reached on platforms like Instagram or Facebook. 

What does monthly pinterest management include?

Pinterest packages are built custom for each client. Some include blogging, some include 3 fresh pins a day, some include 15 fresh pins a day. It all depends on what YOUR business needs are; however, regardless, every Pinterest client will receive the following support:

X amount of Fresh Pins per day | X amount of Idea Pins Per Week | Profile Set Up & Optimization | Website Claiming | Tailwind Scheduling | Pinterest Graphics | Keyword Research | Pin Descriptions | Monthly Analytics Report |

*The minimum contract length for Monthly Pinterest Management is 3 months due to the nature of Pinterest's algorithm. If you would like a shorter contract term, please check out my Pinterest For a Quarter Offer below. 

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 Instagram Management

From $750 per Month upwards

Perfect for a business owner that just hit a growth spurt and can't find the time to create or plan content 

If you’re a small business owner with a growing business & you’ve found that you no longer have the capacity to keep up with your Instagram account or you're burnt out from social media, this is the package for you!

Stop fretting about when you're going to find the time to create meaningful, valuable content and start outsourcing your instagram so that you can continue to grow your business on social media without it feeling like a burden. With my Instagram management package, I'll totally take Instagram off of your plate. 

From content pillars to hashtag research, reels with trending sounds, and daily stories, there will be very little reason for you to be on the app unless you want to do some community building or engagement!

What comes with this package?

Instagram packages are built custom for each client. Some include more reels, some include daily stories, some include more carousels. It all depends on what YOUR business needs are; however, regardless, every Instagram client will receive the following support:

X Grid Posts per Week | X Story Posts Per Week | Content Pillars | Hashtag Research | Captions | Analytics Reports | X Reels with trending sounds per Week | Scheduling via Later |

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 Virtual Assistant Services

From $45 per Hour

Best for business owners that have too much on their plate. can't find the time to cook dinner or hit the gym? this is for you. 

If you're a small business owner that's been killing it as a team of one but you're starting to feel burnt out or missing the smell of fresh air, I can be your knight in shining armor!

Virtual Assistant services are for small business owners that need more than just social media help. Think small (or big) tasks here and there like e-mail management, CRM management, website maintenance, product listings, graphic design tasks, or even gallery uploads for photographers, 

I have tons of experience with software & apps including Flodesk, Asana, Honeybook, Dubsado, Notion, The Adobe Suite, Wordpress, Squarespace, Trello, Slack, Gmail, Canva, Kajabi, and more!

WHat do VA Packages look like?

Tell me what you need help with and I'll tell you how many hours per week I think your to-do list will take! Based on the numbers, we'll get you signed up for a package that works for you. 

3 Hours per Week | 5 Hours per Week | 8 Hours per Week | 10 Hours per Week & so on

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Pinterest For A Quarter

$1397 one time payment

Perfect for business owners that want to give pinterest a shot but aren't ready for a long term commitment

If you just started your own business and you know you want to embrace the magic of Pinterest as part of your marketing strategy but you're not sure how or where to get started & you aren't ready to commit to hiring a monthly manager, this is for you! No need to commit to a long term contract because with my Pinterest for a Quarter Service, 3 months of content will be completed and scheduled for you in 2 WEEKS time.

This is a ONE TIME service & will not include the voxer support that comes with monthly management. We will complete and schedule your content during our 2 weeks together. Then you will only have access to e-mail support until the last day of your scheduled content posts in case you run into any problems or something gets disconnected. 

What does this package include?

Done in a Day Pinterest is basically 3 months of Pinterest management for nearly 60% off (valued at $2800). With this service you will receive the following:

Access to my Pinterest Starter Bundle | Pinterest Profile Set up & Optimization | Website Claiming | Keyword Research | 3 Fresh Pins per Day for 3 Months | Tailwind Scheduling | Idea Pin Post Ideas | Custom Pinterest Templates | Kick Off Call | Emergency Email Support | Discount on Monthly Management Moving Forward |

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Limited Spots Available

Learn more about mentorship options here

Step 1: Fill out your Client App

Step 2: Book a Discovery Call

Step 3: Submit Your Onboarding Form

If you're interested in working together, the first step is filling out a client application! Client applications help me determine if we will be a good fit & they also help me prepare for our discovery call. Once you've filled a client app, you'll either be re-directed to schedule a call or you'll receive an e-mail with a link to schedule!

Once you've booked your discovery call it's time to get pumped! We'll use this call to chat details and get to know each other a bit better! Hopefully by the end of the discovery call, you'll know whether or not you want to work with me. If so, I'll send you  your on-boarding form, your invoice, and a contract!

After you've said yes, I'll e-mail you a checklist of everything I need from you in order to get started! This may include brand assets, passwords, a Tailwind subscription, etc. Once you're done getting me all of the info I need, you'll sign up for a kick off call so we can double check all passwords & we'll be ready to rock n' roll!


Is there a minimum time commitment to working with you monthly?

Yes! I prefer to work with both IG and Pinterest Management clients for at least 3 months so that we have time to set up a bullet proof strategy and see some results. Pinterest especially is meant to be a long term marketing strategy, so the longer you're at it, the more results you'll see. 

How do you keep in touch with clients?

I love to keep in touch with clients via Voxer! It's a free voice messaging app. I'm also open to texting & using slack!

How quickly will i see results?

As I previously stated, Pinterest is a long haul marketing strategy! Therefore, you more than likely won't start seeing real results until month 2 or 3. Our first month together will be optimizing, establishing a foundation, and figuring out what works best for you. Instagram is similar as it takes time to establish a community!

Will I see conversion with Pinterest Marketing?

Whether or not Pinterest Marketing converts for you relies solely on your website, your product or your service. If your website isn't set up to convert, no amount of paid or free advertising will convert. However, I can guarantee that I have a bullet proof Pinterest marketing strategy, so if your website is in tip top shape and you have an amazing product, Pinterest will absolutely do its job & you'll see conversion. 

Do I have to have a blog?

I require all of my clients to have a blog because in order to be successful with Pinterest, you have to put out fresh content weekly. Blogs make this so easy! If you don't already have a blog, no worries! I offer blogging services as an add on. If you're interested in IG management, a blog is not required!

Will I see conversion with IG Marketing?

Again, conversion has a ton to do with your website or your services! I will absolutely drive targeted traffic to your website via content strategy and targeted engagement; however, whether they buy or not totally depends on whether your website is or isn't set up to convert!

Do you have a referral policy?

Absolutely! All clients get 15% off of their next invoice if they refer someone to me. The discount doesn't go into affect until the referred client has signed their contract and paid their invoice!

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