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Hi I'm Grace! I’m a Pinterest & Instagram expert that has been helping women drive traffic to their websites, drive traffic to their online shops, and make sales on Instagram for well over a year now. I specialize in helping small, women owned businesses scale & grow their income via strategic Pinterest & Instagram marketing. I have been taught by some of the best coaches in the industry and several of my clients have been

featured on Oprah, Buzzfeed, The Knot, Good Morning America, and other super cool publications! If you’re struggling to make sales, keep traffic up, grow your business, or even if you just don’t have time to handle your own content creation, I’ve got your back! Let me take over the marketing so you can focus on the business. Fill out a client app here, learn more about me and my story here, and learn more about the services I offer with the button below!


Some of my
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Pinterest Management

Instagram Management

Virtual Assistant Services

Pinterest for a Quarter

Pinterest management is perfect for generating leads and getting your content in front of a broader audience. As a search engine, Pinterest makes it easy to be seen and drive massive amounts of traffic back to your website or shop.  

Instagram management is another great way to generate leads while also having your socials managed for you. Stop scrolling instagram all day and responding to all of those DM requests--I can do it for you. Save yourself time on content creation and strategy with this package, 

Virtual Assistant services can be anything you want them to be. The only stipulation is that you're looking to save MAJOR time. If you need help with e-mail marketing, blogging, product listings, website edits, or even Honeybook or Dubsado management, this package is for you. 

Not quite ready to commit to a monthly Pinterest manager but still want to start marketing your biz on the second largest search engine next to Google? Pinterest for a quarter includes all the bells and whistles. Click below to read all about it. 

Are you burnt out from content creation & doing everything yourself?

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Client Love

Client Love

Client Love

Kevlyn Walsh, Festivegal

Rachael, Cloud Nine Marketing

Kierra, KLC Studios

“I’m just so grateful to have you on my team. You’re doing so much behind the scenes. The fact that you just do such a good job, I literally feel like I don’t even need to approve of your blog posts or look at your pins. I KNOW it’s going to look good because you always do such a good job. I’m just really appreciative of you.”

“What you’re doing for me on Instagram is seriously working. I already have a discovery call with one of the leads you found for me through engagement & outreach! I feel so supported by you & I trust what you’re doing.”

“Grace’s personality is so kind and personable. Our conversations in Slack were always fun and light-hearted, which made doing business with her easy and simple! I couldn’t recommend her more! Wish she did more than just social media because I’d hire her for everything!”

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