One-off services designed to help you save time & get clarity without the commitment of a monthly retainer

Are you a business owner that needs help with Instagram content, Pinterest content, blogs, emails, or maybe even just needs a game plan for how to market their business in an effective way? Do you have questions about how to manage your own account or need guidance on keyword research or posting strategy? 

If the answer is yes, but you're not ready to sign on for a monthly retainer package - these one-off services were designed with you in mind!

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Instagram Content Backlog

Branded Templates

Pinterest or Instagram Audit

Need a content backlog for days where you just CAN'T seem to get yourself to create a new post? With this one-off service, I create a library of 15 - 30 stand alone Instagram captions and graphics for you to pull from when your creative juices just AREN'T flowing. Instead of just NOT posting that day, now you can pull a piece of pre-made content from your library and share it without having to break a creative sweat!

Struggling to create content for Instagram or Pinterest because you've already exhausted Canva's library of templates? Fortunately for you, my background is in graphic design ;) With this one-off service, I create a library of 50 branded Instagram or Pinterest templates for you to use on days that you just CAN'T seem to come up with a new idea and need content that's on brand.

Already DIYing your Pinterest or Instagram marketing but not seeing the results you were expecting? Let me take a look at your account for you! With this one-off service, I do a deep dive to see what content is performing best, if you missed any steps when optimizing your profile, and then provide you with a detailed action plan, keyword or hashtag research, and branded templates to use moving forward!

Here's how I can help

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15 Post Library: $150
30 Post Library: $275

50 Templates: $200

Pinterest Audit: $300

One-Off Blogs

Pinterest Account Set Up

Don't have time to blog this month but want to stay consistent? Let me take them off your plate! With this one-off service, I can write anywhere from 1 - 4 SEO ready blogs for you as needed. Long-form pillar article, short-form gallery post, PHD dissertation (I joke) - you name it, I can (almost always) get it done for you.

Ready to start marketing your business on Pinterest but don't know how to create a business account that's optimized for success? Let me set your account up for you! I'll claim your website, do keyword research, write your board descriptions, and do everything else in between that's necessary to set you up for success before you begin posting.

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get in touch

1 Long-Form Blog: $150
1 Short-Form Blog: $75

Account Set-Up: $400


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