1:1 Pinterest Mentorship

My 1:1 Pinterest Mentorship Program is for you if...

You’ve been looking to hone in on one super lucrative service as a VA but don’t know where to start or how. 

You’re feeling overwhelmed because you offer different services to every client and can hardly keep up with what needs to be done for them on any given day

You’re already dabbling in Pinterest management but don’t have the confidence in your ability to provide clients with results, so you’re afraid to charge what you’re worth. 

You want to be able to find answers to all of your business & Pinterest related questions in one place rather than having to spend hours on google every day. 

You wish you had 24/7 access to an expert so that you never have to feel like you’re in a bind when you can’t figure out how to handle an issue with a client or can’t figure out how to claim a website. 

You feel like you could use a second set of eyes on your blog posts, pin designs, keyword research, or e-mails to clients because you’re just not sure if they’re good enough. 

You find yourself needing tutorials or explanations on how to do something regularly but don’t want to have to buy a workbook or spend money on a strategy call every time a question pops up. 

Help from someone that has been in your shoes and knows how stressful and intimidating investing in your own business can be 

Guidance from someone that has an established business and several clients that have seen real results

Tools, tips, and resources that have helped other small business owners and Pinterest managers pave their own way to self-employed-work-from-home success

Insider knowledge and experience that will help you feel confident and empowered in your ability to get results not only for your clients but also for yourself

You may need...

If any of those bullets resonated with you, then you probably realize that it’s time to invest in your business. So, what’s next?

When you sign up for 1:1 mentorship with me, it’s about so much more than the workbook or strategy calls. 

It’s about you building a sustainable, specialized business in which you feel comfortable charging what you're worth. 

It’s about becoming a total expert in your chosen field so that whenever a client asks you hard questions, you’re ready to answer them with confidence and poise. 


Previous students have

Signed dream clients and booked out while working with me, Tripled their client’s impressions and link clicks within one month of beginning the program, and Raised their prices with confidence

They went from saying

“I’ve never written a blog post before and I’m not sure if I feel confident offering blogging as a service," to "I'm afraid to raise my prices with my clients because I don't want to lose them," and “this doesn’t feel sustainable, nothing will work for me”

To saying

“I just submitted a new blog to my client and she loved it so much she published it without revisions," to  “I just signed my highest paying client," and “I can finally see this working out long term.”

You wouldn’t think twice about spending $300 on an air bnb for a weekend trip you won’t remember in two years 

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What's included?

My 1:1 mentorship program includes:

3 months of M - F 9 AM - 5 PM voxer support

4 strategy calls that can be scheduled WHENEVeR

My comprehensive Pinterest workbook that covers Everything from how to claim a website, do keyword research, and nail discovery calls, to how to structure your packages and pricing. 

There's no better time than now. 

so why hesitate when it comes to investing in building a solid foundation for a business that could support you for your entire life?


How much does it cost?

$1297 total & this includes your $200 deposit to secure your spot! No additional fees or costs. 

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! I am so totally willing to work with you in whatever way seems easiest and most doable. We can chat more about your situation and I can custom create a payment plan to fit your needs. 

Do I have to schedule all of my strategy calls before the two months of voxer support end?

Absolutely not! In fact, I would recommend holding onto your strategy calls until after 1:1 voxer support ends so that if you have any questions that pop up after voxer support, you're still able to get them answered without having to dish out more money!

When will I receive the workbook?

You'll receive your workbook the same day that you pay your deposit so that you can begin looking through all of the info and writing down any questions you have!

Can I only ask you Pinterest questions?

No! You can ask me any business related questions that you have and I will do the best that I can to answer them; however, Pinterest is my strong-suit which is why I chose to make this course specific to Pinterest rather than "starting your own business." I have tons of great business insight; however, I don't know the in's and out's of some aspects of getting started (like taxes, thankfully I have an accountant for that), so i don't want to mislead you in thinking that I am a business coach!

Any other Q's? Feel free to DM me on instagram or get in touch on the contact page!

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