What are Tailwind Communities?

Tailwind Communities

*disclaimer* there has been talk recently that tailwind communities may be a bit outdated; however, they have always worked wonders for me and my clients so I still feel like it’s important to explain what they are to people that may benefit from using them and don’t know how to.

You probably hear Pinterest Managers talk about Tailwind Communities ALL the time, but do you really even know what they are?

If not, here’s your explanation.

Tailwind Communities are like group boards! They are groups of people on Tailwind within your niche that are incentivized to share your posts because for each post you submit, you typically have to re-share at least one post from someone else!

This means that if people want their posts to be shared, they have to share other users content!

This is a great way for you to get your content in front of the eyes of other pinners that might not be following you. You get to advertise other community member’s audiences as well as your own!

How do they work?

In order to use Tailwind communities, you have to have a tailwind account! You can sign up for a free trial to see how you like it; however, I recommend doing the monthly $14.99 plan so that you can buy power ups as needed!

Once you buy the $14.99 a month plan, you can submit 30 of your pins to Tailwind communities; however, if you decide that you want more submissions you can add power ups.

What are power ups?

Power ups give you the ability to submit MORE pins to communities! This means that you have that many more chances for your content to be shared and seen! There are three different power up levels and for each you also get to join more communities. The first power up level offers 80 more submissions per month & 10 communities. The second power up offers 200 submissions and unlimited communities. The third power up offers unlimited submissions and unlimited communities!

I typically stick with the 200 submission power up for my clients because this tends to be plenty for the month. Also, with great power comes great responsibility: remember, for every submission you make to a community, you have to share a fellow community member’s content as well! If you don’t, you may get kicked out!

Tailwind can be a bit complicated—if you don’t feel like learning a new program, I can manage your Tailwind & Pinterest for you! Click here to fill out a client app & click here to follow me on Instagram for daily tips and tricks!


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