Why Your Small Business Needs a Blog

The topic of the century! Do I need to have a blog for my small business? Do I need to have a blog to market myself on Pinterest? Short answer, it will definitely help. In this blog I will cover all of the benefits of having a blog & why YOU should be blogging in your small business.

Blogging gives you an additional opportunity to optimize your website with SEO

Having a dedicated blog makes it that much easier for you to incorporate more keywords onto your website. This is an amazing benefit of blogging because it increases your chances of ranking higher on google & other search platforms. The main goal of having a website is ranking on google, being searchable, and giving people a place to come back to and learn more about your business. So, why not increase the likelihood of being found by writing a keyword optimized blog post every once in a while?

Blogging makes your Pinterest marketing more successful

If you’re marketing your business on Pinterest, you probably already know that Pinterest values fresh content more than anything else. This means that if you’re linking all of your pins to the same home page or about page on your website over and over again, eventually, you’re going to begin ranking lower and lower on Pinterest search results. In order to be successful on Pinterest, you need to be creating fresh graphics, key word rich 500 character descriptions, and links each week.

It makes creating Instagram posts a piece of cake

Blogging makes creating Instagram posts a piece of cake & vice versa. I encourage all clients to re-purpose either blog content for Instagram or Instagram content for blogging—whichever comes first. If you are already doing one thing, it is THAT much easier to begin doing their other because you can LITERALLY just repurpose the content for the new platform. In fact, if you want to see an example of this, you can cross reference this blog post with my Instagram, where it initially lived.

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