Top 3 IG Engagement Killers

The TOP 3 IG engagement killers–believe me, I know from experience!

I SO remember what it’s like to be a new social media manager that has NO idea what engagement is or how to boost my page’s rate. It’s so stressful to have to try to figure out how everything works. Where do you start? What do you do? What do you NOT do? That’s why I created this list of 3 major DONT’S when it comes to Instagram engagement.

1. Posting and ghosting

Engaging before and after a post is so important. It puts you at the front of your audience’d mind and boosts your post to the top of the feed of people you have recently engaged with.

2. Stories without captions

If you post a series of stories that you’re speaking in but don’t post any captions, people are more than likely going to skip right through! Most people don’t watch stories with their sound on!

3. Not removing ghost followers

I must admit, I can be bad about this one myself! Sometimes you get caught up in the numbers and forget what’s really important. But, if you remove your ghost followers, your engagement rate will grow. This is because IG pushes your content out to a select few of your followers when you initially post. If they don’t interact, IG pushes it down people’s feed bc they see that it isn’t performing well, SO if you have a ton of ghost followers that won’t see or interact with your new content, they’re simply a waste of space!

I hope those helped! If you want more Instagram or Pinterest tips, check out my IG! I post weekly on my grid and daily on my stories!


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