How Long Does it Take to See Results on Pinterest?

So you’ve seen a million and one people tell you that you HAVE to be on Pinterest to market your small business. But do they ever tell you how long it will take you to see realistic results? If you’re sitting behind your computer absolutely clueless as to how long it may take you to actually grow your Pinterest account, then you aren’t going to be able to properly manage your expectations!

Pinterest is a Long Term Marketing Strategy

If you’re looking for something quick and easy, then forget about it! While it is possible to go viral super fast on Pinterest, it is highly unlikely! For example, I have 5 Pinterest clients right now and have been working with them all for about 3 months. They have all had relatively similar growth rates with story pin impressions ranging from 1k-8k impressions on average. Out of my 5 clients, only ONE of them has gone viral and it was after 2 solid moths of posting fresh pins every day and story pins once a week. SO, don’t expect to go get rich quick if you DO decide to market your business on Pinterest.

The Reality of Pinterest

The reality of marketing your business on Pinterest is that it will take 3-6 months of posting every day and writing keyword rich descriptions for every post that you send out in order to see REAL, sustainable results. That’s why so many people choose to hire a Pinterest manager to run their accounts for them—it takes about 5-10 hours per week to manage a Pinterest account, so if you don’t have that kind of time, I highly suggest you hire an expert (like me) to do it for you!

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