Why You Need A Blog To See Success on Pinterest

There’s a lot of debate as to whether or not you NEED to have a blog to see success on Pinterest. This is mostly because it hasn’t ALWAYS been this way. However, recently Pinterest took the ability to claim pretty much every platform away, so now your only really option is to claim your website. That means you can’t really get away with sharing Instagram content, Etsy product listings, YouTube videos, etc with your viewers anymore because you can’t claim those accounts anymore & in order to track your analytics, you have to have your content linking back to your “claimed account.” Which is now JUST your website. 

This mainly poses a problem because Pinterest REALLY encourages fresh content. And part of fresh content is having fresh links to use on a monthly basis. So unless you have a storefront that is regularly updated or a blog that you frequently post to, it’s pretty difficult to give Pinterest what it wants — fresh content & fresh links. 

So to be honest, Blogs are KINDA necessary for Pinterest Success

If you want to be able to track your progress on Pinterest or use the analytics tab at all, you really need to be sharing mainly content from your claimed website. (Side note: you ARE able to claim more than one website or URL). 

Most people don’t have more than 5 or 6 pages on their site, so unless you have a blog or an online store, you’re going to run out of fresh links REALLY fast. I’m talking like…you might be able to get away with pinning to those 5 or 6 main urls for about a month before you get caught in the spam filter. 

SO, the perfect solution for an online service provider, someone who wants to promote affiliate links, or any other online business owner that doesn’t actually have a STORE with a multitude of listed produtcts for sale (with individual product pages), a blog is a great way to create a plethora of fresh links on your website without having to reinvent the wheel. 

Who DOESN’T Need a Blog

There are a few types of businesses I can think of that could probably get by on Pinterest without a blog. I’ve listed a few below along with reasons why they may not need a blog. 

Online Retailers with Multiple Product Listings

Online retailers with multiple product listings already have a ton of indiVidual pages on their website for each product listing. That means they don’t REALLY need a blog in order to generate fresh links on a regular basis for Pinterest success. Another thing about online retailers is that they can (and should) become verified merchants on Pinterest, which means they’re able to import their full product catalogue, thereby creating evergreen stoppable pins with all product listings imported. 

Artists, Wedding Photographers, or Anyone Else With Several Galleries or Portfolio Pages

Artists, wedding photographers, and other business owners with several gallery or portfolio links on their website that are frequently added to or updated can also get away with not having a blog. The reason that this works is that these galleries and portfolios function the same way as blogs, providing the business owner with several different URLs to alternate between when pinning. 

I hope this helps! Learn more about what “fresh” URLs are and why you need them on this blog post!

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