You Can Claim Your Instagram On Pinterest Again & I’m PUMPED

I’ve got some SUPER exciting news: You can now claim your Instagram profile on Pinterest…again! Yes, you heard that right. After a brief hiatus, Pinterest has brought back the feature allowing users to claim their Instagram accounts. This is going to be a MAJOR game changer for so many people. Keep reading to learn why & HOW you can take advantage of this super dope new feature!

Why Claiming Your Website, Shopify, or Instagram on Pinterest is Important to Your Pinterest Marketing Success

Claiming your social accounts or website on Pinterest is like declaring, “Yes, this fabulous content is mine!” It verifies your ownership of your website, shopify or social account and assures the world that you’re not some bot or spam account. Plus, by claiming your website or social account on Pinterest, it allows you to track your Pinterest-driven traffic. Which is super important because this data is what will help you determine what IS or ISN’T working within your Pinterest marketing strategy.

A Brief History of Pinterest’s “It’s Complicated” Relationship with Instagram

Once upon a time, in the magical world of Pinterest, users could claim their Instagram accounts. This function allowed Pinterest users to showcase their Instagram content on Pinterest & drive viewers back to their Instagram account with the click of a button, typically with the hopes of gaining a new follower or two. Then, in a plot twist, Pinterest pulled the plug on this feature. Why? To keep users ON Pinterest rather than sending them elsewhere. This happened around the same time that Pinterest introduced Idea Pins – another feature meant to keep people on platform longer as Idea Pins (initially) didn’t allow you to add external links.

Fast forward to today, and now we’re witnessing another big shift in Pinterest’s approach. Recognizing the value of interconnected social media experiences, Pinterest has reintroduced the ability to claim Instagram accounts on its platform. This change is a strategic adaptation to the evolving digital landscape where cross-platform connectivity is KEY. The reintroduction of the Instagram claiming feature marks a departure from Pinterest’s previous focus on idea pins, signaling a broader vision for the platform.

Why The Reintroduction of This Feature is IMPORTANT

Claiming your Instagram on Pinterest is like opening a portal between two worlds. It’s a fantastic opportunity, especially for influencers and digital entrepreneurs, to link their pins directly to their Instagram accounts. Allowing you to link back to instagram will encourage the cold lead to get to know you EVEN more by following you on Instagram – the process can take a bit longer if they’re just going to your website & reading a blog. There’s no telling if they’ll revisit after their initial visit or if they’ll open your emails after downloading your freebie. However, if they follow you on instagram, they’ll see your content when you post & you will be able to foster a genuine connection with them

How to Take Advantage of This New Feature

While you’re rejoicing over this Instagram-Pinterest reunion, remember: balance is key. Don’t just bombard Pinterest with links to your Instagram. If you have a website or blog, keep directing traffic there too. For those who are website-less and blog-less, this feature is a godsend. It means you can use Pinterest to channel traffic directly to your Instagram shop or bio links like Milkshake or Linktree. This makes Pinterest marketing more accessible for people who don’t have, want to have, or are able to set up websites and blogs for themselves.

Need Help With Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy?

Are you excited to reap the benefits but feel like you’re navigating a labyrinth when it comes to Pinterest marketing? I can help yoouuuuu! Whether you need a one-time strategy session or ongoing monthly assistance with your Pinterest marketing, I’ve got your back. Check out my one-time offers here or learn more about monthly management or Pinterest for a quarter here. Let’s make your digital presence sparkle on Pinterest!

And there you have it, folks! The exciting return of being able to claim your Instagram account on Pinterest, a little bit of history, some sage advice, and a few tips for how to get started. Remember, in the digital world, every move is a step towards your next big breakthrough. Happy pinning and Instagramming!

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