How Pin Templates Allow Me To Work With More Clients

If you’re anything like me, you spend a LOT of time on Pinterest. I mean, who can resist the endless scrolling and beautiful visuals? As a Pinterest Manager with a Graphic Design background, I know firsthand how important it is to have visually appealing graphics when it comes to promoting your business on Pinterest. And let me tell you, using pin templates is a game-changer (for both business owners & other Pinterest managers working with client accounts)! 

Before I dive into how I save time & make more money by using pin templates, let’s chat about a few of their benefits:

Benefits of Pin Templates

First off, let’s get one thing straight: Literally NO ONE has time to be designing pins from scratch. As a busy entrepreneur, your time is precious, and you need to make every minute count. That’s where templates come in. They provide a starting point for your designs, so you don’t have to waste time reinventing the wheel. With templates, you can make a copy, change the colors, fonts, and images to colors, fonts, and images relevant to you (or your client’s) brand, update the copy, and you’re good to GO. No more spending 2 hours staring at all the Canva elements trying to figure out how you can make that butterfly graphic fit into your design without making the copy hard to read. 

Templates aren’t JUST a time-saver either – there are so many other ways that they’ll make your life 10x easier. For starters, they ensure that your pins have a consistent look and feel, which is essential for building a strong brand identity on Pinterest. With templates, you can easily maintain a cohesive aesthetic across all of your pins, which helps your audience recognize and remember your brand.

Plus, let’s be real – not all of us are graphic designers. And that’s okay! Templates provide a starting point that can help even the most design-challenged among us create beautiful pins. Whether you’re looking for a bold and bright design or a minimalist aesthetic, there’s a template out there for you.

Alright, NOW let’s dive into how using pin templates has enabled me to work with more clients and make more money. It all comes down to my process. 

How Templates Changed My Process

Before I started using pin templates, I was all over the place every time I needed to batch content for a client. My Canva wasn’t organized into projects, I didn’t have all of my clients brands set up in my account, I didn’t have a templates folder, and every time I had to create graphics I was spending hours either scrolling through Canva’s templates OR trying to create something from scratch. 

Because I was spending SO much time on Graphics, I couldn’t afford to onboard more clients. I was already swamped with the 5 – 6 that I had. BUT when I implemented templates I was able to literally double the amount of clients I’m able to work with (also thanks to Chat GPT, but I’ll save that for another post). Here’s how I save time with templates:

  1. I couldn’t find a set that met ALL of my clients needs because I work with a slew of different types of businesses from online service providers to online stores and bloggers. SO I created my own set of 45 or so (you can buy them here) that work for ALL of my clients. 
  2. Then, for all existing clients, I added their branding as brand kits into Canva. 
  3. Then I created folders for all clients so that everything would live in the same place. 
  4. Next I duplicated my templates into each client’s folder & rebranded them to match my client’s brand kits. 
  5. NOW every month when I need to create pins for clients, I create a new doc within their folder, open up my branded templates for them in another tab, and copy and paste designs over based on the content I’ll be sharing that month. 
  6. Last step? All I have to do is swap the copy, change up the images, and occasionally switch up the colors of the templates, which saves me about 1.5 hours per client. I went from spending 2 hours creating a month’s worth of graphics per client to 30 mins (MAX) creating graphics for clients (per month). 

So there you have it! That’s how templates have enabled me to bring in more clients, more money, and save a ton of time in my Pinterest management business! I also recommend using templates for Instagram & blog headers. Anything that requires monthly graphics, really!

Don’t just take my word for it. Give Pinterest templates a try and see for yourself how much easier they can make your life. Whether you’re designing pins for yourself or for clients, templates are a must-have tool for any savvy pinner. If you’re looking for a set of tried and true pin templates approved by Pinterest managers all around, grab my set here!

Until next time!


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